Music recording, audio production, mixing, and more

Sandhausen (Rhein-Neckar region), Germany

About me

I am a classically trained musician and a professional sound engineer specializing on studio recording, live sound, and mixing.

A graduate of the sound engineering department at the renowned Gnesin Music Academy in Moscow, I’ve got 8 years of professional experience working as a recording, mixing, and live sound engineer at various studios, concert halls, and music clubs around the world. Before moving to Heidelberg I was a mix engineer at Digital Bear Entertainment studio in Boston, US and lately a live sound engineer at Jazzkeller Sauschdall in Ulm, Germany.

Alte Zigarrenfabrik

Alte Zigarrenfabrik is a large studio complex in Sandhausen, near Heidelberg, Germany. It is a creative collaboration of talented people, working together in order to make the best sound and video production inside and outside the studio.

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The studio itself consists of two rooms equipped for audio recording and post-processing (mixing, mastering, and arrangements), respectively. The former features adaptable acoustics which can be tuned for each particular artist or type of performance. It is perfect for vocals or solo instrument recordings, e.g., drums (we provide two sets!), guitars, brass or wind, as well as chamber ensembles and small bands. The latter provides quality equipment for turning recorded audio into a final product, such as a Euphonix Artist Series workstation, 5.1 Emes Black & Amber surround system, and top music software (Pro Tools 12, Logic Pro X, etc.).

It is totally possible to use facilities of Alte Zigarrenfabrik for recording large performances. Talk to us for details!

My Work

I’d like to share some examples of audio and video recordings I’ve made recently.

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Drop me a line at or call +49 157 368 54 099.

Visit ALTE ZIGARRENFABRIK at Schneidmühlstraße 25, 69207 Sandhausen, Germany.